Programme 2019

Monday, 21 January 2019, Allianz Forum (Pariser Platz 6, Berlin)

from 19.00h

Ceremonial address by Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, President of the German Bundestag

  • „Societies under pressure: Cohesion in times of accelerated change“


Award Ceremonies: Allianz European Demographer Awards
in cooperation with Population Europe


Dienstag, 22. Januar 2019, ESMT Berlin (Schlossplatz 1, Berlin)

09.00h Opening of the 8th Berlin Demography Forum and Keynote


Prof. Dr. Peter Dabrock, Chair of the German Ethics Council

  • „Solidarity 4.0! How to counteract the threats to social cohesion in the onlife society.“

09.45 – 13.00h


Round Tables 1 and 2 (taking place simultaneously)

Round Table 1:

Social Cohesion


Dr. Andreas Edel, Executive Secretary, Population Europe, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Participating experts

Possible thematic focal points:

  • Poverty risks over the life course
  • Socio-economic status and education
  • Social dimensions of health
  • Social Mobility and changing social categories
  • Political conflicts and increasing/growing
  • Radicalism
Round Table 2:

Life Courses



Prof. Dr. Klaus Nagels, Lehrstuhl Medizinmanagement und Versorgungsforschung, Universität Bayreuth

Participating experts

Possible thematic focal points:

  • New types of family structures and cohabitation
  • Intergenerational solidarity
  • Work-life balance and gender inequalities
  • Disparities in health and life expectancy
  • Mobility
13.00 – 14.00h Lunch break


14.00 – 17.15h Round Tables 3 and 4
(taking place simultaneously)
Round Table 3:




Prof. Dr. Volker Deville, Direktor, F/L Think Tank e.G.

Participating experts

Possible thematic focal points:

  • Primary and secondary education and pre-school needs
  • Health systems, health care needs and e-health
  • Housing and commuters
  • The role of civil society in rural areas/communities
  • Regional labour markets (“hidden champions”, small and medium-sized enterprises)
Round Table 4:




Dr. Daniela Vono de Vilhena, Scientific Coordinator, Population Europe – Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Participating experts

Possible thematic focal points:

  • Ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Health of migrants/Health status of migrants
  • Social stratification within immigrant commmunities
  • Access to education and to the labour market
  • Spatial segregation
17.15h Get together


18.00h Closing

(as of 17 January 2019)