Focus 2017

The 6th Berliner Demography Forum’s motto in 2017 was “Learning and Integration”.

Education is a key factor of participation in society. The goal – in the context of demographic change – was to understand the role of learning and to utilize the potential of integration for developing courses of action.

The changes of the working world must be met with sustainable qualifications and lifelong learning. Through this, our increasingly digital society will be able to facilitate integration and people’s sense of social responsibility will also be strengthened.

We therefore invited high-ranking German and international experts and discussed these issues along with such questions as:

  • How should career orientation be changed in order to develop the full potential of the people of Europe?
  • What conditions need to be created in order to develop the full potential of people from outside Europe?
  • What might future education and advanced training look like for  young men and women?
  • How do demographic factors like health and nursing contribute to successful education and integration?
  • How do we prevent the polarizing of society?