Programme 2016

Agenda 5th Berlin Demography Forum 2016 „Labour – Perspectives – Prosperity“

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at ESMT (Schlossplatz 1, Berlin)


10.30 h
Welcome by Prof. Jörg Rocholl PhD, ESMT President
Opening of the 5th Berlin Demography Forum by Dr. Manfred Knof, CEO Allianz Deutschland
Keynotes by Franz Müntefering, Federal Minister of Labour (ret.),
and Dame Carol Black, Expert Adviser to H.M. Government, London

12.00 h

Flying Lunch

13.00 h

International Scientific Panel

At the end of the panel, we should have a better understanding of
state of global demographic research, especially related to labour issues.

Moderator: Prof. James Vaupel PhD, MPI for Demographic Research
Prof. Dr. Axel Börsch-Supan, Stanford Center on Longevity
Dr. Alexandre Kalache, Co-President, ILC Alliance, Brazil
Prof. Dr. Irena Kotowska, Universität Warschau
Prof. Dr. Naohiro Ogawa, Nihon University Population Research Institute
Prof. Lene Juel Rasmussen PhD, University of Copenhagen
Prof. Dr. Norbert F. Schneider, Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung

15.00 h

Berlin Panel: The Future of Labour

At the end of this panel we will know more about the future of labour
in Germany with regards to our ageing society, immigration and digitalization.

Moderator: Joachim Fahrun, Chefreporter, Berliner Morgenpost
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Ursula Lehr, Bundesministerin a.D.
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lorentz, Ernst & Young
Prof. Dr. Sven Voelpel, Jacobs University Bremen
Dr. Ulrich Walwei, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung
Tobias Wekhof, Student, Universität Zürich

Move to Allianz Forum (Pariser Platz 6, Berlin)

18.30 h

Award Ceremony for Young Demographers
Introductory Statements
Prof. Dr. Volker Deville, Allianz Deutschland AG, und Universität Bayreuth
Prof. Dr. Francesco Billari, University of Oxford, and
President of the European Association for Population Studies
Prof. Dr. Tilman Mayer, Universität Bonn, und Präsident der Deutschen
Gesellschaft für Demographie e.V.

19.00 h

Allianz European Demographer Award (Prof. Helga de Valk, PhD),
German Demographer Awards (Gerrit Corkadi, Dr. Sonja Bastin,
Dr. Frederik Peters, Dr. Melanie Schranz),
followed by a reception

Thursday, February 25, 2016 at ESMT (Schlossplatz 1, Berlin)

08.00 h

Parliamentarian breakfast for core group and media

Petra Crone MdB (SPD)
Michael Frieser MdB (CDU/CSU)
Doris Wagner MdB (Bündnis90/DIE GRÜNEN)

09.00 h

Interactive Executive Panel: The Future of Labour and Retirement

At the end of the panel we should have a better understanding
of the future of work, with respect to global changes,
work-related health issues and changes in retirement transition.

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Detlev Ganten, Charité Berlin
Calogero Brancatelli, Student, Universität Frankfurt
Yogesh Chauhan, Tata Consultancy Services
Prof. Rajshri Jayaraman PhD, ESMT
Gopinathan Chakravarthy Parthibhan, Founder, 361 Degree Minds
Timothy Ma, The Flame Project, Hong Kong
Stephen Packard, Firm Director, Deloitte, New York
Bradley Schurman, AARP International, Washington DC

11.00 h

Panel on “International views on retirement institutions,
occupational risks and health”

At this panel, we learn more about to which degree older adults
in different countries are working and in which type of professions
and to which degree and under which circumstances working in later life
is associated with cognitive performance.

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ursula Staudinger, Columbia University, New York
Jana Bakalová (Czech Republic)
Brian Beach (United Kingdom)
Dr. Sara Carmel (Israel)
Dr. Didier Halimi (France)
Maurits Hafkamp (The Netherlands)
Felizia Hanemann (Germany)
Daisuke Watanabe PhD (Japan)

12.30 h

Flying Lunch

13.30 h

Panel on the Integration of Refugees

At the end of this panel we will know more about the controversies between
ethical and political  perspectives and about the concrete actions that need
to be taken for the integration of refugees in Germany.

Moderator: Matthias Naß; Internationaler Korrespondent, DIE ZEIT
Dr. Dr. h.c. Markus Dröge, Bischof, Evangelische Kirche Berlin
Hans-Georg Engelke, Staatssekretär, Bundesministerium des Innern
S.E. Dr. Heiner Koch, Erzbischof Berlin
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Ministerpräsidentin des Saarlandes
Aygül Özkan; Geschäftsführerin DB Kredit Service GmbH
Luisa Seiler, Mercator Program Center for International Affairs

15.30 h

Panel on International Demography Policies

At the end of the panel, we should have a better understanding about
the demographic areas on which international organizations and
big nations focus.

Moderator: Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger,
chairman of the Munich Security Conference,
and co-chair of the Berlin Demography Forum

Michèle Delaunay, Assemblée Nationale; France
Prof. Dr. Elsa Fornero, Università di Torino, former Minister of Italy
Dr. Ralf Kleindiek, Staatssekretär, BMFSFJ
Heinz Koller, International Labor Organization, Geneva
WEI Yunpeng, Family Planning Commission, China

17.00 h

Farewell Remarks by amb. Wolfgang Ischinger


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